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My new guitar effects pedal board!

Got a new Line 6 POD 300HD board this week and it is awesome. *80 plus effect plus love the looper and modeling! First new effects rig I have used outside the studio for live playing in many years!



Leaving a Legacy

After playing guitar all these years I now notice how things get handed down.  My mom and dad had 10 children and 8 have had 2 or more children.  You do the math and you will see a lot of first cousins in my family tree.  At a recent family get-together we sat around and played guitars and other instruments.  It amazed me how many aspiring musicians and singers have evolved from my Dad’s(an only child) influence.  He was a fiddle player, guitarist and singer for the last 50 years and his legacy of music continues in the family.  He simply loved to play and sing and growing up we spent a lot of weekend nights at barn dances here in the south and some of our stories have become legend among the younger generations.  We have remained close through this common thread of music and I thank God everyday for his blessings.  Thank you dad and may you rest in heaven knowing how many lives you have affected and blessed.

Start Again

I let this little blog almost disappear then rediscovered recently my love for writing so I thought I would began again. I got sidetracked recently with so many projects I failed to discipline myself to write again. …………..So you should be hearing from me on a regular basis as I try this again.

Where did the music go?

Have you noticed how the 70’s music genre baby boomers grew up with…….(Country and now Classic Rock) became the one genre after 40 that seems to be missing from the airwaves.  I suppose I’m talking about good ol Country Music here with some Southern Rock thrown in!  My dad(now with Jesus), a fiddle player fathered 11 kids and I being one of them grew up in a musical family. With eight siblings those Saturday night barn dances were my roots for what became my lifetime passion(playing guitar and singing).  The songs were stories about relationships, family, loss and love .  We were living them out and….. Whoa…… talk about dysfunction being a reality.  I did love my childhood however because we had the freedom to be a real family and bond through the pure joy of sharing and creating that music.

Today’s reality is somewhat different.  Top 40 Country doesn’t sound even close to what we listened to with my family and we certainly don’t run around the neighborhood barefooted singing or picking guitars for anyone who would listen.  God I miss that……!

I’m afraid the freedoms we enjoyed so much during the 60’s and 70’s has given way to an unbridled socialistic movement in our culture and music.  Individuality has been blurred by lines of socialism and federal mandates that challenge our individual god-given constitutional rights that made us feel great and special. On every front while our government is moving toward the left so fast we can hardly keep up.  Responsive sarcasm is the norm with most folks I talk to on the streets instead of  reflective thought and objectivity.

What does this have to do with Music?  If you listen close to Country Music these days you will find lyrics  “lamenting the good old days in all it’s glory” or “Someone wants to get even with someone” or a song about “patriotism setting things right for us all”.  Sounds like an illusion to me and I am concerned to think my kids will never enjoy the freedoms we had….with our Music or our Liberties. God Bless  us all!

God Is Faithful

Every wonder how we get so frustrated with the situations we encounter in our day to day activities and then one phone call or e-mail and it all changes for the better.  That’s because I know God is always faithful.  Looking back on my past life I have yet to think of a single situation that I didn’t have the resources or the people I needed to accomplish whatever I truly believed in.  How soon we forget because life situations are ever-changing and one situation after the other continues to unfold.  But so does God’s grace and power.  God is faithful to those who believe and are

Just reach out to others today to feel God's grace!

Just reach out to others today to feel God's grace!

conscious of God’s presence in their lives.  We all contain this spark of divinity and endless power.  Peace to you all.